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A-formet/Prinsesse Ren Hals Perler Kort erme Chiffong Kjoler

Salgs Pris: Kr 1 148

Market Pris: Kr 6 389

(83% AVSLAG)

* Obligatoriske felt

  • Skreddersydd tid: 8-10 Dager
  • Leveringstid: 3-6 Dager
Produktkode 60174
Arstid Vår,Sommer,Høst,Vinter
Materiale Chiffong
Halsutskjæring Ren Hals
Silhuett A-formet/Prinsesse
Armlengde Kort erme
Utsmykning Perler
Midje Naturlig
Rygg Glidlås
Hemline/Tog Gulvlengde
Vist Farge Brun
pakkevekt 1500.0000
Skreddersydd tid:8-10 Dager Enten du velger en standard størrelse eller egendefinerte mål, våre skred lage hver kjole på bestilling. Leveringstid:3-6 Dager Din kjole vil være ferdig skreddersøm på rundt 12-15 dager. Da vil vi sende den ut via UPS / DHL / TNT / Fedex.

Denne kjolen er Laget på bestilling. Enten du velger en standard størrelse eller tilpassede målinger, skreddersyr våre skreddere hver kjole å bestille.

Den tidligste ankomstdatoen er Jun 09,2020 dersom ordren er registrert i dag.

A-formet/Prinsesse Ren Hals Perler Kort erme Chiffong Kjoler


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It was somewhat small in areas but it was fixable i still gave it 5 stars because the dress is really beautiful and very elegant.. i love this dress u wont regret ordering it




This is my second dress, ordered at dylanqueen, and again I am very satisfied on the service, the quality and the delivery.




une robe magnifique de très belle qualité et couture




Hi! Does anyone have any photos of this dress in sage green or watermelon? Thanks :)




just sellane kuin kuvassa. mitat oli taulukon mukaiset ja jousto varaa on suuntaa ja toiseen.

Maria de Lurdy



I felt in love with the dress as soon I saw it! I order it july 17 and it was delivered the 26! I choosed it to be customized and it fit perfect! I got it for my wedding and I know its a right dress for a tropical island weather in a garden scene! Dont think about it to much, its a great deal and a great company! Its worthy!




This picture did not do the dress justice. It was more beautiful in person. I was very impressed as my maid of honor wore it for my wedding!!




Ho già comprato diversi prodotti da voi e sono rimasta sempre molto soddisfatta. Ora mia madre è invitata a un matrimonio e le piacerebbe acquistare questo vestito, ma con la giacca o il soprabito dello stesso colore e stoffa a maniche lunghe. E' possibile? Quali modelli sono disponibili? Il sovrapprezzo?




LIB really hit it out of the park with this one! I am very impressed with not only the quality of this dress but also the quick shipping/processing time. The dress arived within 4 weeks or placing my initial order and was only a tad to small. However for the price I paid for a dress of this quality makes up for the small cost of alterations. I would reccomend this dress and LIB to anyone who asks!




Just bought a dress from dylanqueen and it was a great shopping experience. I have bought many items from them and have yet to be disappointed! Great site!




hola!!!! he visto un vestido que me ha encantado!!! me caso por lo civil y me han dado la fecha para el 26 de julio!!!!

willeke auperle



ik ben helemaal blij met mijn jurk!

Liz Fleming



I ordered this dress for a wedding. I am extremely happy with the product. It arrive to europe within two weeks of ordering. It is very well made and the internal support is brilliant as it means you do not have to wear a bra.




Beautiful dress, I love it! The material is nice and it is true to size.




The dress is very well made and the dress fits well, but is probably not for the busty woman. I sent in my measurements for this dress. I will be adding straps to the dress.




i ordered the dress from canada and i was nervous i wouldnt received it on time or that the color or length wouldnt be right. i was wrong ... the dress is perfect!!! i dont know how they make such a beautiful great quality dress for such a low price!!! well worth the money. i would order from dylanqueen again. great product and excellent service!




Abito meraviglioso! Arrivato nei tempi stabiliti e appena indossato non necessitava di nessuna modifica! Ottimo prodotto!




I was so pleasantly surprised with how this dress came out. The dress looks beautiful and fits wonderfully. Thank you so much!

noel pascale



j'ai acheté cette robe en taille 22 c'est à dire 50. elle est superbe, me fait une silhouette très amincie. elle est doublée comme un bustier avec coques mais très confortables j'ai une très forte poitrine mais nul besoin de soutien gorge.




The dress looks great on me. Details and linings are excellent. Clearly state what knee length means. (top of knee or bottom of knee) However, I' concern about the straightness of the dress. I usually have room in the hips. This dress fits fine at the top but the bottom is too short and snugged. I still like the dress. Work on your sizing.

Anne John



I have just received my custom made dress I choose Hunter Green which is beautiful. The dress is very well made and fits perfectly apart from the straps I have small shoulders so they are too long and to wide I will need to have tem adjusted along with the bust it needs stiching down as I have a large bust.




ein wirklich schönes Kleid , entspricht dem Preis

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