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A-formet/Prinsesse Øse 3/4 ermer Blonder Chiffong Kjoler til Brudens Mor

Salgs Pris: Kr 1 114

Market Pris: Kr 5 899

(82% AVSLAG)

* Obligatoriske felt

  • Skreddersydd tid: 8-10 Dager
  • Leveringstid: 3-6 Dager
Produktkode 40133
Arstid Vår,Sommer,Høst,Vinter
Materiale Chiffong
Halsutskjæring Øse
Silhuett A-formet/Prinsesse
Armlengde 3/4 ermer
Utsmykning Blonder
Midje Empire
Rygg Andre
Hemline/Tog Gulvlengde
Vist Farge Kongeblå
pakkevekt 1500.0000
Skreddersydd tid:8-10 Dager Enten du velger en standard størrelse eller egendefinerte mål, våre skred lage hver kjole på bestilling. Leveringstid:3-6 Dager Din kjole vil være ferdig skreddersøm på rundt 12-15 dager. Da vil vi sende den ut via UPS / DHL / TNT / Fedex.

Denne kjolen er Laget på bestilling. Enten du velger en standard størrelse eller tilpassede målinger, skreddersyr våre skreddere hver kjole å bestille.

Den tidligste ankomstdatoen er Jun 15,2020 dersom ordren er registrert i dag.

A-formet/Prinsesse Øse 3/4 ermer Blonder Chiffong Kjoler til Brudens Mor


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  6. A-formet/Prinsesse Spagettistropper Ermeløs Gulvlengde Chiffon Kjoler

    Salgs Pris: Kr 774

    Market Pris: Kr 4 420



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The dress was perfect and everyone is going to look beautiful




This loose and empire dress is so beautiful. Your customer service is very good. And the shipping service is very convenient. I will recommend your website to all my friends and family members.




My dress is AWESOME. I LOVE IT!! I was very worried about not ordering a custom size dress because of my height but didn't have time to do so. I looked at the measurement chart provided and was also concerned because the size they recommended I order was 1-2 sizes larger than I normally wear. I got my dress a few days ago and it fits like a glove and is long enough!! I can't wait to wear it for my daughter's wedding. Not only that but I received it very quickly as well. I will DEFINITELY order from you next time I need a formal dress AND will tell all my friends about it as well.

Lorraine Latuli



Où puis-je entrer mes mensurations personnelles pour cette robe? Il n'y a pas de lien comme pour les autres modèles. Cette robe m'intéresse beaucoup.




I puchased this dress in Red for my sisters wedding. It was despatched on time, arrived in NZ a few days later. Since told my other sister about this website, and she has purchased two or three dresses. I have also found another two dresses I am thinking of buying but cannot afford both since I brought this dress, a purse and a short jacket for the wedding. Pity the special is finishing today on the other.




I purchased this dress in burgundy satin for a 40th birthday party. It is very well made and very elegant. I paid extra for custom sizing. The only issue was that the sleeve straps were too long and falling off. I took it to a local tailor and that cost an additional $35.00. They also added a stitch in the middle of the bust area so because it was flapping open. As with any on line purchase, I knew this was a possibility. I might have returned it if I had the option. That being said, I am very pleased with the quality and the selection and prices that this company has to offer. I will definitely purchase from them again.




Magnifique robe, très confortable et surtout de bonne qualité!

Maria C.



This gown is beautiful! I'm a liitle "thick" in the belly area and the drop waist made me look shapely. I ordered using the custom sizing options. The gown fit perfectly. Did not need any additional tailoring. Unfortunatly, I had to return the gown because the shawl I ordered in the same color , at the same time, did not match at all. The return process so far has been easy. Customer service has been exemplary. I'm giving this gown a 5, because workmanship-excellent, ,quality of fabric- very nice, fit-very accurate.

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